Computers in Health Science Education
Uses and How to Use Them

A Basic Self-Instructional Program

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHA, MHPEd, MS Surg

This self-instructional program (SIP) was writtten for use by students of Masters in Health Science Education in the subject: Computers in Health Science Education. It is written in two kinds of media: one print and one computer.

Since the assumption is that the students have very little background knowledge and skills in computers, the SIP in the print medium should be used first followed by the one in computer medium.

Table of Content


Guidelines in Studying the Program

Syllabus of "Computers in Health Science Education"


My Experience with Computers

Preprogram Assessment

Learning Objectives

Certification Requirements


Step by Step Instructions on How to Use the Computer


The Uses of Computers in Health Science Education

Postprogram Assessment

Student's Assessment of the Self-Study Program

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Learning Package of Computers in Health Science Education
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Posted: July, 1999